Dr. Pablo González Blasco

Dr. Blasco is a Professor in Family Medicine, and since 1992 when he founded SOBRAMFA- (the former Brazilian Society of Family Medicine, nowadays SOBRAMFA- Medical Education and Humanism),  has been involved in promoting the humanistic dimensions of doctoring. His research and teaching is focus on medical anthropology, medical ethics in the context of family medicine, medical education and medical humanities. His particular expertise is in teaching medical students through movies and cinema to promote positive attitudes and ethics.

He has published several books:  “The family doctor today” (1997), “Family medicine and cinema: humanistic resources in medical education” (2002), “Principles of Family Medicine”(2003),  “Educating affectivity through Cinema”(2006), “Humanizing Medicine: the Cinema Methodology”(2011), “Leadership lessons in the Movies” (2013), “Humanism in Medicine”(2015)“Patient Centered Medical Education”(2017)”Books for Life: Mirroring Literary Meetings” (2018), “Humanizing Health and Medical Humanism in Latinamerica” (2018).  He is the co-author of several chapters in “Cinemeducation: a Comprehensive Guide to using film in medical education” (2005), and in “Cinemeducation: Using Film and Other Visual Media in Graduate and Medical Education”. Volume II (2012), and has several publications in this area.

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